NEJE laser engraver ideas—Colorful Tiger Canvas Engraving Art

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Machine&ModuleNEJE 4 MAX & E40

Materia&Tools:Canvas,Black, Yellow, Orange, White Spray

The Idea You Can Get from this Post:


Tutorial Guide:

①Prepare a canvas, first spray a layer of white, then yellow, orange. If there is no orange, you can also mix yellow and red together to make orange, and finally spray a layer of black. Note that you need to wait for each layer to dry before spraying the second layer.

②Connect the machine and open lightburn, upload the picture to the lightburn application interface. Place the prepared canvas in the engraving position.

Settings: 8000mm/min, 100%, 254dpi, Jarvis


③After setting the frame according to the size of the canvas, you can start engraving.


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