NEJE laser engraver ideas—DIY Leaf Engraving

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Machine&Module: NEJE 3 MAX V2&E40

Material: Leaves after vacuum drying (can be stored longer)

The Idea You Can Get from this Post:


①Prepare a clear image, preferably a picture where the shadow can be seen.


②Use ps or other software to invert the picture.(if you plan to put it on a colored background plate, then you can directly engrave the picture. But if you plan to put it on a transparent and colorless background plate, or put it under outdoor light, you need to invert it on PS.)


③Connect the machine and open lightburn, upload the inverted image to the lightburn.

Setting: 6000mm/min, 48%, 254dpi

④Finally, according to the size of your leaf, set the frame range and start making.

Attention: There may be an unpleasant smell when engraving, please choose to engrave outdoors or in a closed box.

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