NEJE laser engraver ideas—Christmas Glass Bottle

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Machine&Module:NEJE 3 Max V2 & A40630

Material&Tools:Glass bottleBlack marker, Alcohol

The Idea You Can Get from this Post:

Tutorial Guide

1. Material pre-processing

  • Wipe the surface of the glass bottle with alcohol to clean the surface of dust and impurities.
  • Use a black marker to paint the engraved surface black.

2. Lightburn setting

  • Measure the length and width of the glass bottle, draw the outline size in Lightburn, and move the pattern to be engraved inside the outline, which will help the border and avoid the pattern position not centered.
  • Put the glass bottle after painting on the honeycomb board,find the optimal focal length.
  • Setting parameters.Speed 3000mm/min, power 70%,air-assist off. This is a 6w module , due to different module performance is different, it is recommended to do the test before the formal engraving.
  • Once you’ve found the right speed and power, adjust the parameters in lightburn and start engraving.

3. Clean the glass

Spray the surface with alcohol and wipe it clean.

4. Final result

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