NEJE laser engraver ideas—Tumbler Engraving

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Machine &Module:NEJE Max 4 & E80

Material & Tools:Trumbler, NEJE Rotary

The Idea You Can Get from this Post:

Tutorial Guides:

1.Enable the Rotary(Please insert the 5pin cable connected to the rotary into the A-axis interface of MAX 4)

①Select the chuck if you use the rotary from neje.

②Then enable the rotary and choose the A Axis as the Rotary Axis.

Measure the diameter of the rim of your tumbler and write the number into the diameter value on the right.

2.Connect the machine

Change two grbl settings on the device settings


Snap the tumbler into the rotary and measure the focal length to be 25mm

4.Upload Your File

Upload the dxf file you downloaded to the lightburn application interface. Then you can make a frame and adjust the size of the file.

5.Settings on Lightburn

8000mm/min, 90%power, 0.1line interval, 2% Overscaning

6.Other instructions

After the engraving is completed, spray alcohol to clean off the unburned paint. If you do not need to use the rotary, just restore the parameters to the default parameters. If you don’t know what the default parameter values are, you can use neje software to refresh them.

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