NEJE laser engraver ideas——Tiger Canvas

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Machine&Module: NEJE 3 Max v2 & E40

Material&Tools:Canvas,White spray paint, black spray paint

The Idea You Can Get from this Post:

Tutorial Guide

1. Material pre-processing

Spray 1 coat of white paint on the canvas surface, and then 2 coats of black paint after drying.

2. Pre-focus

Place the canvas and measure the focal length between the plywood and the E80 module to be 25 mm.

3. Upload files

  • Reverse image.You can invert images and adjust other parameters in ImagR.
  • Connect the machine and open lightburn, upload the dxf file you downloaded to the lightburn application interface.

4. The settings in lightburn

Engraving: 8000mm/min, 100%power

5. Final result

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