Event Description:
Welcome global artists to participate in the NEJE GLOBAL LASER DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION AND CONTEST 2024. We will showcase the original digital art collected from  this exhibition on Through the dimensions of “most imaginative and creative material combination,” “artistic expression of the artwork,” and “audience recognition,” we will select the top three laser digital art pieces of 2024 and provide cash rewards to the top three participants. Thanks for all global artists’  active participation to make us gather here. Let’s share, appreciate, communicate, and find inspiration together at NEJE through this exhibition.

Event Process(EST-5):
Projects Submission Period : Jan 5th – Feb 29th
Vote and Judge for 
Top 30 : Mar 1st – Mar 10th
Vote and Judge for Top 3 : Mar 10th – Mar 14th
Final Announcement :Mar 1st

Please stay tuned,the process time will change to make sure 100 participants join and more incredible ideas sparkle here together.

The completed artwork must involve the use of laser tools. Laser engraving or laser cutting.It can be a single or combination of artworks, including wood cutting art, wood carving art, metal, ceramics, stone, glass, leatherwork, fabric art, and more.

Engagement Award for all participants: Coupons $30 OFF $400 , $50 OFF $600 , $70 OFF $800 , $100 OFF $1000(30 days validity after announcement )

Participation Rules:
NEJE ensures the fairness of this competition and the rights of the artists. Please ensure that your artwork is original.
1.You can choose to submit 1-3 art pieces for the competition.The image size should be W:H=4:3.Send the images to
2.Please provide a written description of the concept behind your artwork, expressing your design ideas. Approximately 200 characters.
3.Please send us your social name and profile picture
. We will not publicly show your real name or profile picture.
4.Please note whether you are willing to authorize NEJE for promotional purposes. If you agree, we would be very grateful and will protect your privacy and rights.
5.If the number of participants is less than 100, we will extend the submission period and delay the final announcement time.

Voting Rules:
All participating artworks will be evaluated based on three dimensions: “most imaginative and creative material combination,” “artistic expression of the artwork,” and “audience recognition.”
1.In the first round of voting, the public and the NEJE team will vote. The public vote accounts for 60%, while the NEJE team vote accounts for 40%. They can vote more than one piece of artworks.The top 30 participants will advance to the second round of voting. You can share the voting page to encourage more people to vote for you.
2.In the second round of voting,we vote for the top 3,the artist team and the NEJE team will vote. The artist vote accounts for 70%, while the NEJE team vote accounts for 30%. Each person can cast 5 votes for different artworks. To ensure the fairness of the artwork selection, voters need to leave comments explaining their choices and provide fair feedback to the participants.

NEJE will provide a million exposures for the participating artworks. Your name and profile picture are well protected.Please participate and share the voting as soon as possible to increase the exposure opportunities for your artwork. 

1.Multiple votes from the same person will not be counted. Any malicious voting behavior will result in disqualification of the participant.
2.The competition information will be adjusted accordingly based on constructive suggestions from the public. Please refer to the final revised content for all information.

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