NEJE laser engraver ideas—Pen holder

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Machine &ModuleNEJE Max 4 & E80

Material & Tools:3mm plywood, Red, white and orange spray

Method:Spray three colors on the plywood before cutting to prevent uneven spray paint after the engraving is completed.

The Idea You Can Get from this Post:

Tutorial Guide


Place the plywood/mdf/pinewood… and measure the focal length between the plywood and the E80/E40  module to be 25/15mm.

2.Upload Your File

Connect the machine and open lightburn, upload the dxf/lbrn2/png file you downloaded to the lightburn application interface.

3.The Settings in Lightburn

Cutting: 600mm/min, 100%power; Engraving: 8000mm/min, 90%power

4.Other instructions

Cut and engrave on the corresponding color of the plywood.

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