NEJE laser engraver ideas—lantern making

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Machine&Module NEJE 3 MAX &E40

Material:3mm MDF board

Air Assist Air Pressure: 30psi

Tutorial Guide:

1. Select a Christmas theme picture
2.lightburn draws 5 polygons
3. Put the picture into the pentagon
4. Set the size you want
5. Set cutting and engraving parameters cutting power 100% speed 300/min 2 pass
Engraving Power 100% Speed 6000/min
6. Carve first, then cut
7. Assemble the pentagons with glue
8. Put in the small lamp

Picture engraving setting power 100% speed 6000/min,Use Grayscale Engraving Mode
cutting power 100% speed 300/min 2 pass,Make sure each pentagon is the same size and engrave before cutting

video display

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