Elk Art Acrylic Cut

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Machine&Module: NEJE 4 MAX &E80

Material: 5mm Black Acrylic

Step:①Place the black acrylic plate and measure the focal length between the acrylic plate and the E80 module to be 25mm. You can also choose to set the sinking, because max 4 has an  electric z-axis , but please note that the sinking distance cannot exceed 45mm. If you measure the distance between the module and the acrylic to be 30mm, then your offset can be set to 5mm (30-25=5)

②Upload the dxf file in the compressed package below and set the size according to the size of your acrylic.

③Setting parameters:Speed 300 mm/min, Power 100%,3 passes

④There will be a very unpleasant smell when cutting acrylic. Please make sure to turn on the air assist before cutting in a closed environment.

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