Basswood Phoenix Relief Engraving

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Machine&ModuleNEJE 4 MAX &E80


Tutorial Guide:

①Prepare a three-dimensional picture, like followed.

②Upload the picture on, the website will automatically convert it. Then choose the size according to your needs and set the dpi to 423.

③Press ‘Material’ and select marcin grayscale in GRAYSCALE. Download the image after processing is complete.

④Connect the machine and open lightburn, upload the picture to the lightburn application interface.

Settings: 6000mm/min, 95%, 423dpi, grayscale

⑤After the engraving is completed, wash it with a brush and water and let it dry.

Note: In order to make the work more three-dimensional, you can use NEJE MAX 4’s exclusive electric Z-axis to set the sinking to 0.2mm each time.

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