Stone Fossil Engraving

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Machine&Module:NEJE 4 MAX &E80


Software: Lightburn

Toturial Guide:

①Prepare a clear fossil picture, like followed.

②Connect the machine and open lightburn, upload the picture to the lightburn application interface, and choose to track the image recognition line

③Use NEJE MAX 4’s exclusive electric Z-axis to set the sinking to 0.2mm each time.

Setting: 280mm/min,100%power, 5 passes

④At last, use a brush to sweep away dust from the surface.

Note: 1. Because of different types of stones, different engraving phenomena may occur. As shown in the figure below, quartzization occurs.

2. When engraving stone, a lot of dust will appear. Please wear a mask or carve in a ventilated and closed environment.

3.When engraving, strong laser light will appear, please wear goggles.

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