NEJE 3 MAX E40 mobile phone case DIY inlay

Material & parameter setting

Material: Mobile phone case, wood grain bark 0.5mm
Software: lightburn
Parameter setting: Power 70% Speed: 1500/min


  1. Prepare the mobile phone case, two pieces of 0.5mm wood grain bark with different colors
  2. Draw graphics according to the phone case, choose your favorite pattern to join
  3. Cutting
  4. Assembly

video display

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2 thoughts on “NEJE 3 MAX E40 mobile phone case DIY inlay”

  1. hello.
    I currently have the NEJE 3 MASTER 2S model.
    I would like to ask if it is possible to upgrade the laser module.

    Which of the laser modules that can be attached to the NEJE 3 MASTER 2S model can be used without a separate driver or accessories?
    Are there any guides for upgrading the NEJE 3 MASTER 2S laser module?

    Thank you!

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