NEJE 3 MAX E40 MDF lantern making

Material & parameter setting

Material: MDF board
Software: lightburn
Parameter setting: cutting power 100% speed 300/min 2 pass
Engraving Power 100% Speed 6000/min

Air Assist Air Pressure: 30psi


Operation steps:1. Select a Christmas theme picture
2.lightburn draws 5 polygons
3. Put the picture into the pentagon
4. Set the size you want
5. Set cutting and engraving parameters
6. Carve first, then cut
7. Assemble the pentagons with glue
8. Put in the small lamp

Picture engraving setting power 100% speed 6000/min,Use Grayscale Engraving Mode
cutting power 100% speed 300/min 2 pass,Make sure each pentagon is the same size and engrave before cutting

video display

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