NEJE 3 Max Laser Engraver and Cutter Description & Details


NEJE 3 Max
Frame size (L – W -H): 590x980x160mm
Working area( X – Y): 810 x 460mm, Extends to 810x1030mm
Accuracy: 338dpi
Pixel: 6133 x 10800 px
Drive accuracy: 0.01mm
Drive: double motor synchronous drive+gantry track (0 damping)
Vertical Carving: Yes (45°)
Sliding damping adjustable: Yes
Adjustable belt tension: Yes
Max move speed: X:1000mm/s, Y:1000mm/s
Sliding deviation:0.01mm
Z-axis Adjuster:Yes, With NEJE H20 high-precision adjustment, the focus can be adjusted at 0.01 mm level (0.01mm adjustable precision)
Input: DC 5.5 2.1, 12V 5A (Power Adapter)
Input voltage: 12V / 24V (The module voltage should be the same as the input power supply)
Compatible Modules: All NEJE 4pin Laser Moudle (The motherboard is above v1.1.0)
Limit Switch: Yes
Home: Rear Left
Origin: Front Left
APP control: Yes
Gyroscope protection: Yes
M7 Control: Yes (For building automatic smoke extraction systems)
M8 Control: Yes (For building automatic air assist systems)
Door : Yes (Emergency Suspension and Safety Door Control)
Customize multifunction button: Yes
System: Win 7 / Win 8/ Win 10, Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS, HarmonyOS.
File format supports: SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/CR2, etc.
NEJE Software OTA Upgrade: Yes
NEJE Win Software: Yes, It is recommended to open the NEJE software to update to the latest firmware for the first time use.
Lightburn and LaserGRBL: Yes, improved low light function, added M8, M7, emergency stop extended automatic control, optimized GRBL interaction.
Off-Line Working: The gcode file and NEJE file generated by the lightburn software can be transferred to the device through the NEJE software for offline work. You only need to plug in the power supply to realize one click offline work
Repeat Engraving: Yes, After the engraving or cutting is completed, the device will not lose the location information, if you are not satisfied with the work, you can continue to work. NEJE uses the high repetition positioning reset button. You can even achieve repeated positioning through Home reset after power failure, with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.
NEJE Android APP: Yes
NEJE iphone/iPad APP: Yes
NEJE Cloud Gallery Service: Yes
Software Download: Https://

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